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A podcast series relating to the world of Mechanical Keyboards, recorded with real Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts.

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The Board has several kinds of episodes (just to mix it up!)

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The Board - What the heck is RSV

Mar 25, 2021

So, I had some cold-like symptoms this week, and of course doing the right thing, I went and got tested. Test results came back good and bad, good I didn't have COVID-19, bad that I had RSV.

What the heck is it?!

Well, turns out its like a cold but can be more severe. Whelp.

Went to the doctors, have been told I'm a bit contagious right now, and I have to take 3000mg Vitamin C 3x daily. 

So yeah. At the moment I've got the sore throat, runny nose, and my entire back aches, like, preventing me from sleeping kind of ache which is definitely not normal for me for a cold....

Good times!

Hope you're all keeping well, look after yourselves!