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A podcast series relating to the world of Mechanical Keyboards, recorded with real Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts.

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Apr 16, 2017

This week, we mourn the loss of a Fugu in the community, and Kevin and I roll through some of the following topics, and then some (as usual):


-Jolly_Green_Giant Watster Giveaway: "I would like to know when it was they realized they fell down the rabbit hole and realized they spent an obscene amount of money on keyboards lol, It made me go 'Wat"

-Sydney Meetup Confirmed 8th July 2017.

-Kevin's another e-recycler trip

-The Clacker Radio Play - Any interest? We have an audition script available....

-Huge donation from Wall0p

-Superlube damaging topre domes? -

-Dog vs Fugu - Much sadness in the passing of a Fugu. Remember, Fugu are friends, not food.

-2298 Plancks ordered on Massdrop recent drop, huge buy.

-Chinese DSA blanks - Pretty rough and loose stems, but 27x cheaper....

-Kevin giveaway: Did don prefer the hhkb or the fc660c? List 3 reasons why he preferred the one he did over the other.

-386 Subscribers - Nearly 400 Movember cap, what kind of giveaway should we do?

-Z frontier keysets:

-Fanxipan mountain cap: