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A podcast series relating to the world of Mechanical Keyboards, recorded with real Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts.

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The Board has several kinds of episodes (just to mix it up!)

  • One on One (Interview type, ~30min)
  • Focus Group (~3 people, 2-3 topics, very focused discussion, ~30min)
  • Boardroom (4-6 people, loose agenda, more casual discussion on wide range of things, ~1hr)
  • Specials - One off episodes on something related to Mechanical Keyboards.

Oct 8, 2022

Just another status episode, and future direction thoughts for The Board.

The Board - Happy Birthday To You (Text Only)

Aug 20, 2022

Its been a while, over a month now, but I thought I'd give a Happy Birthday shoutout to everyone from The Board, because it'll be The Board's 6th Birthday tomorrow.

The show/channel has had many ups and downs, and right now, its been in a bit of a down, but it'll hopefully have more ups to come.

In the last bit of time,...

The Board - Small Update [Text only]

Jul 2, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for not having an episode last week, closing out the financial year has been pretty busy for me at work, and constantly in calls and meetings so doing a lot of talking. This week Thursday gone by, I probably had about just under an hour of not having my headphones on, which wasn't very nice as my...

Jun 11, 2022

Thanks for all your patience!

Link to the article -


Happy Clacking!

May 23, 2022

A bit of a later episode, but what does modelling cars in clay, hack and slash bonsai, and soy sauce making have to do with Keyboards?

What does the title even mean?

I guess you'd have to listen to find out :P